Derma Pen Micro Need1e Turning Speed Dr pen Ultima A7 MTS Acne Wrinkle Removal



Speed Regulator: Infinitely Variable Speed Tech

Mode: Ultima A7

The micro-needle of depth can be adjusted(0.25mm-2.5mm), greatly improved the treatment

Operation Mode: Wired

Power: Strong Motor


Brand:Dr. Pen


Specification: Product

Name: A7

Brand: Dr Pen

Mode: Ultima A7

Color: Black

Needle Length: 0.25-2.5mm

Available Needles: 12/36/42, nano needles

Function: Micro needle system

Pen Material: Metal Shell

Power: Strong Motor

Operation Mode: Wired

Adapters: US, EU, UK, AU

Adjustment Length: 0-2.5mm

Speed Regulator: Infinitely Variable Speed Tech

Apter: Input 110-220V, 50-60Hz;

Output 5V, 1000mA


1. Scar removal including acne scar removal or treatment.

2. Stretch mark removal

3. Anti ageing.

4. Anti wrinkle

5. Cellulite treatment/ cellulite reduction or removal.

6. Hair loss treatment/ hair restoration

7. Hyper pigmentation treatment.

 Package Includes:

1x A7 Dr Pen

1x Adapter

1x USB Cable

2x Needles

1x Packing Box 


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Notice: One needle for just one person. Don't share the needles with others as it should be used exclusively by the same person