Our Story

Diadem’s story begins with a vision. A vision of a jeweled crown that symbolizes sovereignty. This was the inspiration behind our logo.

Diadem NYC, in hopes to be a growing platform for vendors worldwide, has teamed up with a group of designers, stylists and industry professionals that have a passion for creating and scouring the world for the next great products. We want to empower small businesses especially during these times.

To make our line, Products must have a purpose and reason for existing. Our Products are ones that make our lives easier or products that are just stunning to touch, feel and perceive. Our goal is to be creative and innovative in all that we do. We want to create a well-designed good quality product. A limitless world of creativity awaits so please stay tuned and visit often to see what comes next! 

We also take environmental impact seriously and reduce waste as much as we can through virtual development, engineering our production methods AND reducing packing products in our final stages.    So whether you are in London, Seoul or New York, we know you will appreciate all our hard-work!

Please subscribe to our Newsletter and Loyalty Program so we can keep in touch with you on upcoming releases, newly found great products and earned loyalty points for you each month!    Customer service is very important to us and we want to hear your feedback or suggestions you might have for us; now or in the future!

So, without further delay, Welcome to DiademNYC !!   We look forward to having you visit often and becoming eager to communicate with us!