Iris Says Welcome Home !

Iris Says Welcome Home !

“Welcome Home!”

The Unusual events of 2020 have made many of us re-evaluate this simple greeting. 

Home is no longer just a personal piece of real estate where, according to your lifestyle, you eat, sleep, change your clothes, fly-out the door, come back and repeat the same silly mess.   

No longer just a blank canvas on which to hang your hat, display your treasured possessions and entertain your friends.  

Home is no longer a static space that gives only physical shelter.    The confinement of house arrest has us facing a new intimacy. 

I desperately wanted to be involved in this new adventure but How?   When DiademNYC approached me to do a collaboration to be called “Iris Apfel Home”, my prayers were answered.   It didn’t take me too long to say “Yes”!     For over fifty years, Home Furnishings were my bailiwick and my design roots are firmly planted there.

Textiles are my passion; and my love affair with color is quite well-known.  In 2005, the Modern Museum of Art honored me with a large gallery exhibition showcasing my style.   It was a mad success and plunged me into the world of fashion.   I quickly realized that while décor and fashion are 2 distinct disciplines, their underlying aesthetics are one in the same.     Iris Apfel Home will highlight the best of both worlds.

I wanted YOUR home to be a beloved family member or a trusted friend.   We will offer high-fashion styling, the finest of fabrics and top quality construction; all done with the pizzazz you can handle.   “Luxe” at an affordable and sensible price.    Our first offering will be a luxurious super comfy 2ply/2end cashmere throw; printed to look like animal skin.   It’s guaranteed to raise your temperature without burning a hole in your pocket!


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