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[THE LAB by BLANC DOUX] Expertrue Tension Serum 30ml

[THE LAB by BLANC DOUX] Expertrue Tension Serum 30ml

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It is composed of low molecules that make up collagen and hyaluronic acid. It increases pore elasticity and reduces pore volume with low molecules. It takes care of skin moisture and sebum overall by improving the skin's. The vegan formula provides comfortable elasticity care every day without irritation. -Refreshing with ultra-low molecular weight! Pore elasticity UP! Pore volume DOWN! #High-Tension Serum, Expertrue Tension Serum -Troubles leave pores! Non-comedogenic that does not clog pores. Acne-prone skin suitability test completed. -Daily comfortable elasticity care, hypoallergenic vegan formula for Sensitive skin. Sensitive skin hypoallergenic test completed. Certificated as vegan product by Italian V-LABEL. -Recommended for : Troubled skin that worries about what will come up with elasticity care, Oily skin that needs fresh and light elasticity & pore care, Sensitive skin that wants to -increase skin moisture and reduce sebum. -Eco-friendly package for sustainability

How to use

Take an appropriate amount and spread it along the skin texture.


Purified water, butylene glycol, propanediol, dipropylene glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, panthenol, pentylene glycol, squalane, acetylglucosamine, betaine, glucose, glycerin, glucuronic acid, Fructooligosaccharide, fructose, Irish moss extract, Chlorella vulgaris extract, sugar cane extract, cacao extract, sodium polyacrylate, ethylhexylglycerin, hydrogenated lecithin, hydroxyproline, proline, allantoin, adenosine, glycine. , beta-glucan, tocopherol, sodium dilaumidoglutamidrisin, dextrin, xanthan gum, disodium EDTA

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