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[Skin1004] Probio-Cica Toner 210ml

[Skin1004] Probio-Cica Toner 210ml

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Contains fermented Madagascan Centella Asiatica, specially formulated Probio-cica and TECA to provide maximized calming effects. Ceramide NP, similar in structure to the skin barrier, and high quality cica are formulated to reinforce the skin barrier's strength by enhancing moisture absorption and repairing damaged skin barriers. Contains 5 sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules to layer moisture into the skin from the inside out. Watery-essence toner that provides the benefit of the richness of an essence, but also a refreshing finish of a watery toner. Completed skin irritation test for guaranteed safety on all skin types, including sensitive skin.

How to use

Apply an appropriate amount to either a cotton pad or directly on the palm and gently pat to absorb into the skin.

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