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Cat Scratcher Cardboard Cat Furniture Corrugated with Catnip Bell Balls for Cats & Kittens

Cat Scratcher Cardboard Cat Furniture Corrugated with Catnip Bell Balls for Cats & Kittens

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Fashion and fun: The unique design is designed to meet the natural instinct needs of your kitten, allowing it to crawl, slide, stretch, rub, and scratch. The modern and smart design is perfectly integrated into most home decorations.

Satisfy their gripping requirements-the texture of the sisal fabric is stronger and not easy to tear, which helps cats sharpen their nails. Most cats like to sharpen their nails from nature. Cats need to use high-quality scrapers.

Economical and practical: Provide cats with an effective way to release cat scratching and prevent their furniture from being damaged. Buy two at a time. You will always have a stand-in, giving your furniture an indefinite holiday

Durability and reversibility: The upgraded dense cardboard and manual process make the scraping life longer than most other scrapers. Reversible function allows one to be used twice.

The cardboard cat scratcher takes up very little space! It's lighweight and compact form factor allows for portability, with its slim profile also making it easy to store away for future use.




Keep your feline friend away from scratching your furniture by providing them with this cardboard scratch mat, which also features two balls for your cat to chase.
SAVE YOUR FURNITURE - Help save your furniture from your pet's clawing by providing them with this cat scratching board. Built to last and sustain scratches from small to larger
cats, it will keep them distracted and offer them something else to sink their claws into other than your furniture
PLAYTIME - With two balls inside a runner, you can provide your cat with an endless amount of fun as they chase the balls around and around and around…
FOR ALL CATS - Whether your cat is a little sweet kitten or a hefty grump, this carboard scratch mat is suitable for all fury friends, no matter their size or weight.
HASSLE FREE - Simply place this scratch board on the floor and let your cat calw away!
PRETTY AND USEFUL - Make sure to check out the wide range of home and living products. All designed with modern style and maximum functionality in mind.


Materials: Cardboard
Size: 50 x 30 x 6cm (19.7 x 11.8 x 2.6 inches)


1 x Scratch Board
2 x Balls


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