Belly Support Maternity Overall - Long



JOHNNY’S MAMA maternity overalls have been developed to not only look great but also to take the inevitable pressure off of your lower back and pubis area that comes with a pregnant belly. This outfit is engineered for optimum weight distribution and no additional pregnancy belt is required.

Fits belly circumference:

Size S: up to 111 cm / 44 inch

Size M: up to 115 cm / 45 inch

Size L: up to 118.5 cm / 47 inch

Size XL: up to 122 cm / 48 inch


Step 1: Fit the garment to the bottom of your abdomen and tighten the side straps symmetrically. The support should cradle the bottom of your belly.
Step 2: Tighten the shoulder straps symmetrically to slightly lift your tummy. Stand up straight so that your shoulders and upper back are aligned for maximum comfort. If you do not wish to lift your stomach, simply tighten the side straps for support.