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Protect your family's health with the TAT-2000C Temporal Artery Home Thermometer. This thermometer is great for all ages, taking away the hassle and discomfort that comes with under-the-tongue or in-the-ear thermometers. With a simple scan of the forehead, you get accurate body temperature measurements. 

 The Exergen temporal thermometer works by capturing naturally emitted heat over the temporal artery through the skin. A softly glowing display makes reading the output a breeze, even when you're groggy from lack of sleep.


Fast, Easy and Accurate
Accurate Temperature With a Gentle Forehead Scan
Preferred by Nurses and Pediatricians
Soft Glow Display and 8 Temperature Memory

Take your index finger, put it on the center of your forehead, slide it horizontally in a straight line to your hairline. If you had the Exergen TemporalScanner Temporal Artery Thermometer in your hand, you would have taken the quickest and most accurate non-invasive temperature available.



• Accurate Temperature with a gentle forehead scan
• #1 Best selling thermometer brand
• Recommended for the entire family
• Accuracy for all ages supported by more than 80 clinical studies
• Use on sleeping infant, or child with ear infection
• Probe covers not required
• Method of choice of Premier Hospitals
• 9V Battery included


How Does The Temporal Artery Thermometer Work?

With just a simple scan of the forehead, the Temporal Artery Thermometer accurately measures the body temperature. 

Step 1

Remove the protective cap and place the temporal thermometer head against the center of the forehead.


Step 2

Once the temporal thermometer touches the skin, press the button on your thermometer and keep it depressed, gently gliding the Exergen temporal scanner across the forehead at the hairline level. Avoid scanning down the side of the face, or else the technology will not work.


Step 3

While holding the button down, use the scanner to touch the soft spot behind the ear. Then, you can let go of the button and read the temperature.

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