Portable Sterilizer Wand Handheld LED UVC Light Sterilizer UV Germicidal Lamp

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UV Germicidal Lamp let you way from badteria and viruses, give you a healthy environment, sweeping sterilization,effective prevention.You can set the time to be sterilized, which is specially designed for household disinfection. It is recommended to turn on the germicidal lamp for more than 30 minutes.Do not let your eyes and skin expose under the germicidal light when it is working! You must leave your room. (include pets). And you also need to turn off the light before you approaching it.

1. Application scenarios: office, living room, bedroom, classroom, study
2. Strong UV Sterilization  
3. Solve invisible bacteria with one click
4. Set Disinfection Time
5. UV Germicidal Lamp

Working mode and precautions:
1. When the product is down, press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to turn on the product. When the product is turned over and the light will face the human body, the gravity switch will be disconnected and the light will go out.
2. Do not directly illuminate the eyes or skin with light, and it is forbidden for children under 12 years old

1. Product Function: UV Sterilization
2. Product Size: 140*37*18mm
3. Product Material: ABS
4. Led Lamp Beads: 3636 3pcs*0.5W
5. Power Supply: Built-In 1 500mah Lithium Battery
6. Voltage: DC5V / USB
7. Charging Time: 2 Hours
8. Use Time: 3-5 Hours
9. How To Use: Direct Purple Light For 10-300 Seconds
10. Operating Distance: 3-5cm Above The Object
11. Weight: 0.26lb / 120g
12. Conventional Packaging: Neutral Color Box
13. Outer Box Size: 42*41*36cm (100pcs/Box)
14. Gross Weight: 40.79lb / 18.5kg

Package Includes:
1 x Portable Germicidal Lamp
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Manual

1. Deep UV ultraviolet sterilization, ultraviolet radiation for 3 minutes can kill more than 95% of the bacteria and viruses remaining on the items
2. The elongated shape design makes it more hand-feel when used, avoiding the embarrassing situation of direct ultraviolet radiation to the user's fingers
3. The built-in gravity switch can only be started when the product is down, and the light will be turned off when it is turned over to avoid irregular operations after starting the product