'Let's Meet' Smoky Quartz and Turquoise Ring in Sterling Silver

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Smoky Quartz and Arizona Turquoise set in 925 Sterling Silver Oxidized Ring

Smokey Quartz is associated with the root Chakra or Muladhara and can enhance survival instincts.  Use this crystal for assistance in 'Grounding, Centering, & Removing Negativity'.  Because it has the ability to remove all negativity and transform into positive energy, it is a 'Protection' stone.  You can also use this stone for fulfillment in the creative process  by grounding your ideas, and essentially manifest your desires. Smoky Quartz can assist in overcoming negative emotions, uplifts your mental state, and relieves depression.  Using this crystal, you can transform stress, anger, fear, jealousy, into courage and inner strength, bringing your mood back to cheerful.  Smoky Quartz is sometimes called the 'Stone of Serenity', creating an internal calm and coolness.

Arizona Turquoise, Helps you to be mindful of the present moment. Enhances self expression and communication. Helps you to live in the moment. Removes negativity from yourself and your environment. Enhances self confidence.

Size: @ Free size

Smoky Quartz  5x10 (1.06 cts)

Arizona Turquoise Oval 6x4 (0.415 cts)

Weight: 24.89 gms

Solid high quality Sterling silver with Rhodium finish

These Rings are part of our 925 meaningful Jewelry collection for Everyday wear made in sterling silver. These meticulously handcrafted Rings are a great gift made with handpicked gemstones, so that they can be cherished for a long time

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