Black Onyx Quatrefoil Danglers, Faith:Hope:Love:Luck, (Pure Silver Rose Gold)

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Inspired by the symmetry of a Quatrefoil which is symbolic of faith, hope, love and luck

Made in Pure Silver finished with Rose Gold vermeil

Black Onyx is a powerful healing gemstone known to help bring in the positive transformation as it protects and guards from the evil eye. This beautiful gemstone is known to bring Intuition, Focus, Balance Positive change and Protection.


Black Onyx- 7mm, 12 mm, 14.5mm (16 Cts)

Size: 1 3/4" X 3/4"

These earrings are part of our Meaningful Jewelry collection for Everyday wear made in Pure Silver. This meticulously handcrafted earrings are a great gift and will be cherished for a long time