Air Purifier Filter Replacement Filter for Office Air Purifier - FILTER ONLY!


Eliminate odors - A premium activated carbon pre-filter eliminates odors from pets, smoking, cooking, etc.Using activated carbon nanotechnology to provide fresh, clean air throughout the large room.

Superior value - The complete air filter system includes a HEPA filter and four pre-cut activated carbon pre-filters.No cutting, cleaning or vacuum prefilters are required and the service life of the HEPA main filter is extended.VEVA 8000 offers the most affordable HEPA replacement filter of all air purifiers.It also has the longest life filter on the market, which can be replaced only once every 6-12 months depending on the use.

The perfect home or office -VEVA 8000 features a stylish design that ensures that air purifiers are the perfect complement to any home or office.

 Note: This is the filter element of air purifier