Adjustable Food Grade Stainless Steel Manual Split Noodle Pressing Machine Noodle Roller Household DIY Noodles

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  • It is made of high quality stainless steel, healthy and environmental friendly, beautiful and generous, and can be used at ease.
  • There are two kinds of noodle styles: wide noodle knife and round noodle knife, which can make wide noodle and round noodle.
  • Level 6: adjust the size of dough mouth to make the skin thickness you need.
  • Split design, easy to install and disassemble: you only need to fit the interface between the noodle cutter and the noodle press, and then install the hand rocker arm, you can use it normally.
  • Suitable for family kitchen, restaurant and other scenes: for family kitchen, you can use noodle machine to make noodles with your family to experience the fun of life; for restaurant, the production efficiency of noodles and pasta will be higher.