Mooka Cool Mist Humidifier, Top Fill 4.5L (1.2 gal) Large Tank

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Humidistat: With a built-in humidity sensor, Mooka smart humidifier detects room humidity and changes mist output to maintain your desired humidity level from 45% to 90%.

Top Fill Design: remember the pain of struggling to clean and refill a humidifier through the tiny neck? Mooka designed this humidifier to be Top-Fill so to clean and refill it is as easy as a breeze.

More Mist, Less Refill: Even when kept running at maximum mist output(300+mL water per hour ), it can last 2 nights per fill. With a 4.5L large open tank, it can work the whole day straight in the medium setting without refilling.

Ultra Fine Pure Cool Mist: the core of this Mooka Humidifier is a high-efficient ultrasonic atomizer that works as many as 2.4 million cycles per second.

Safety Assured: when the water runs out or when the tank is lifted off, the humidifier will go into standby mode automatically to avoid safety issues. It also has a timer of 1-8 hours so you can set it to shut off after a certain time of working.


Know It when the humidity is Too Much


The level of humidity could exceed your need. And there is not a magical humidity level to solve it all.

For example, for human, it's most comfortable to live in a relative humidity of 40% to 60%. And a relative humidity of 45%-55% is best for most wooden furniture and instruments like guitar, while a high relative humidity of 60% to 80% is essential for some tropical plant species to thrive.

Using a traditional air humidifier without humidity control regardless of this fact may betray your purpose entirely. You can have a humidistat installed in your room to accompany the use, but still not as convenient.

With this MOOKA smart humidifier, you can always maintain a different but optimal humidity level for different purposes using the humidity control function. Either it's for your own health, or for growing moisture loving plants, or conserving wooden furniture and instruments as well.


Standout Features

Forget about those humidifiers with tiny necks! The top fill design makes this humidifier much easier to clean and refill. Only from a clean humidifier comes the clean mist.

Water level window gives you a glimpse of how much water is left in the humidifier and when you should refill it.

When the water runs out, or when the water tank is lifted, the humidifier will go into standby mode and display 'LL' error code to ensure safety.


Benefits Of Mooka Humidifier

Moisturize Skin And Hair

A higher level of humidity energizes and vitalizes your skin and hair, and help avoid cracked lip, dry skin, and frizzy hair.

Good for Plants and Furnitures

A higher level of humidity will promote the growth of moisture loving plants, and prevent your wooden furniture from shrinking and cracking.

Breathe With Relief

A higher level of humidity will give you relief if you have seasonal sinus problem, nose bleed, and dry throat, and help you breathe better.


Using TIPs


1. Important: Be SURE to remove all protective styrofoam before first use or it will cause leakage.

2. If used to lift humidity in the whole room instead of a certain corner, please set humidity level ~10% higher than desired level to allow humidity to spread evenly, considering the humidity around the humidifier rises faster than where distant from the humidifier.

3. When the water runs out or when the tank is lifted off, the humidifier will 'beep' and go into standby mode automatically to avoid safety issues. If it does not go into standby mode, please contact support team.

4. Always avoid placing near electronics or furnitures subject to water damage in case accident happens.